Little Movements Day Care Staff

Ann LaShelle-Salvetti
Owner /Director Little Movements Day Care

Ann SalvettiMy life has come full circle; my passion is and always has been the education of children. After receiving my BA in Psychology and Child development in college, I continued my education in a Master in Leadership and Administration in Education.

I taught several years after college in the public elementary schools and at private preschools. My education background and experience lead me to the Corporate Sector where I trained and implemented all education programs for Nordstrom, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Neiman Marcus.

Ann and BuzzIn 2008, after having three children of my own, I opened Little Movements Day Camp, a summer program for Toddlers. With the success of that program I have opened a Full time, year round program for children, Little Movements Day Care with a dedicated classroom and sleeping area and a dedicated play area.

The Salvetti FamilyDuring my free time I am a Mom, like you. And a teacher, a volunteer, a PTA member and I love to draw, paint, and hike the paths of Marin County.









Teacher, Allie V.

Allie V.Allie is a student at Adult Ed in Novato CA. She was born in Lima, Peru and raised in San Rafael CA. Allie is a lovely and caring person. Her big dream is to start a career as a Pediatric Nurse. She helped raise her nephew and has hundreds of hours as a babysitter. Allie most recently, took care of two twin girls from birth to 3 years old. Her employers, The Lemus Family, spoke so highly of her, I had to hire her immediately! In the last three years she has helped her local Elementary School with Spanish speaking students, tutoring them in Spanish to English. In her free time, Allie also assists local Lawyers with translating their documents into Spanish.

Allie V.Allie has been volunteering in Novato Public Library, reading books to the little ones and helping adults with learning new technology on computers. Since she was a child, Allie has always been dedicated in helping people & especially children. During the weekends Allie spends time with her family and husband. Allie likes to travel and explore new places. I know Allie will have a very bright future in educating children, now and years to come.

Teacher Sindy P.

Sindy P.Sindy was born in Guatemala City, she arrived to the United States when she was 13 years old. She later attended Novato High School and played for the Varsity Soccer team. Being part of that team gave her an incredible sense of pride and love for her new community. Sindy has always liked to take care of children. She nannied for two other families in Marin, who spoke very highly of her nurturing qualities. These families also both said how she truly, was a part of their family.

Spending time with her own family and her beautiful daughter is her greatest joy during her free time. Currently, Sindy is attending school to add to her education and resume. Sindy wants to be a Preschool Teacher. Her dream is to travel the world and see different countries and to learn more about their cultures, traditions and food.


Teacher Assistant, Alyssa S.

Teacher Assistant AlyssaMy daughter, Alyssa is an honor student at Redwood high. She played on the freshman volleyball team at Redwood, and continued to play club volleyball throughout her freshman year. She has always had a passion for educating and spending time with young children. Alyssa has been volunteering and helping out in the daycare since I opened in 2008, so she has many years of experience. During her free time, she exercises with her parents, siblings, and loves long dog walks with her pets. Alyssa also has had a passion for the arts and sketching in particular. She has won several prestigious awards for her art work. Alyssa is an amazing girl and the children are drawn to her.


Teacher's Assistant, Ibeth H.

Ibeth H.Ibeth was born in Atlanta, Georgia and she moved to California 6 years ago. She graduated from Novato High School in Marin County. Ibeth has worked in two day cares and has a tremendous amount of experience working with young children. She is such a lovely person, who shares a peace and grace when working with kids.

Ibeth loves spending time with children. She also loves taking care of her little niece, whom she has helped raise since she was born. Her two employment referrals talked highly about her, and of how patient, loving , and caring she is with the children. In the future she would like to become a teacher. In her free time, she loves to travel all around the world and always likes to spend time with her family. Ibeth is so excited to become part of our LMDC family.


Teacher Assistant, Reese B.

Teacher's Assistant ReeseReese Bennett is an 8th grader at Hall Middle School. She has a twin sister and a younger brother that she takes care of quite often. During Reese’s free time she likes to be with her friends, play basketball, travel, and spend time with her family. She plays on two basketball teams, the Hall Middle School team and the St. Patrick's team. Reese also likes to play volleyball for the St. Patrick's volleyball team.

Reese’s family friends have younger children and she has some younger cousins too, which has given Reese a lot of experience babysitting. Reese is very responsible, also a 4.0 student at Hall, she is fun, and caring. She loves to play with younger children and read them stories. Reese is so excited to be a part of Little Movements DayCare and take care of the children for two days a week.


Teacher Assistant, Stella B.

Teacher Assistant, Stella B.Stella B. is an eighth grader at Hall Middle School. She loves playing and teaching young kids. She has a lot of experience with all ages of kids and has been babysitting for about 2 years.

In Stella's free time she spends it with her family, friends, and her new dog, Levi. She loves the outdoors, including going on hikes and playing at the beach. Stella also has a passion for volleyball and plays on a club team.

She is really reliable, responsible, a 4.0 student at Hall and can't wait to be a part of Little Movements Daycare!


Substitute Teachers

I may need to employ a substitute caregiver if I am ill or on vacation. I am confident that my staff will be every bit as wonderful as I am with the children.

They have a tremendous amount of experience and zest for the energy of our little ones.

The substitute teacher will be trained in all LMDC policies and have current CPR and First Aid certifications and be familiar with the all children in the program.

Substitute Teacher, Liz D.

Liz DelaneyLiz Delaney received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from San Francisco State University. She worked as a registered nurse at Sequoia Hospital in Redwood City. Liz worked in a variety of settings in the hospital . It was a rich and rewarding experience but after the birth of her first child, Liz decided to be at home full time. She moved from San Francisco to Larkspur Liz with the bandwhen her son was 16 months old. Now Liz is the mother of three, two boys and a girl. She enjoys volunteering her time at the kids schools where she discovered her favorite volunteering was working in the classroom with the kids. She loves getting to know the kids and individuals and they really responded to her too. This led her to Little Movements Day Care where she has the joy of taking care of all the wonderful children in the day care.

Liz also enjoys hiking the beautiful trails of Marin County, reading, knitting, watching movies and of course, spending time with her family.

Substitute Teacher, Diana C.

Diana CaballeroDiana was born and raised in San Francisco, California and she recently graduated from Dominican University of California with a B.A in psychology and a religion minor. She will be pursuing her master’s degree in Christian counseling this fall at Golden Gate Baptist Seminary School. For the past year she has been volunteering at the San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center. At the San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center she volunteers in the playroom where Diana in her churchshe plays with the children and helps them develop their social and emotional competencies, by helping them to identify and express their feelings. Through their work they are providing direct services that prevent child abuse and neglect. She is also an active member of Christ is the Rock Church in San Francisco where she teaches bible classes and good morals to children ages 3 to 6 years. Diana also loves to travel especially on missionary trips. She will be going to Panama on her next missionary trip this August 2013.


Teacher Assistant, Jade Z.

Teacher's Assistant Jade Z.Jade is currently a student at UC Davis where she is intending to obtain a major in Human Development. Before starting college she attended Redwood High School where she worked at LMDC daycare her Senior year. She missed it so much she had to come back for the summer! Jade has a ton of experience with children of all ages and has worked for numerous families within Marin County. Having grown up with a little brother and family friends with small children, she is extremely comfortable in an environment filled with children. She got the opportunity to attend an advanced leadership service trip in the Dominican Republic. For two-weeks she ran a summer camp for children ages 5 to 13. During this experience she learned she wanted to combine her love for kids and medicine, and become a nurse practitioner with a specialty in pediatrics after graduation. When she's not studying at school, Jade loves to read, spend time with her friends and family, and travel. She is so excited to be able to come back to LMDC and meet all the new faces!