Little Movements Fee Schedule


August 2020-2021 New Fee Schedule

Full Day program Monthly rate Monthly rate
8am to 6pm Lunch from Home Meal Plan included
2 days $1100.00 $1180.00
3 days $1300.00 $1420.00
4 days $1632.00 $1792.00
5 days $1920.00 $2120.00


Hourly Rate

7am-8am or 6pm-7pm $25.00 per hour


Drop-ins: WELCOME

If Day Care is not to capacity, please call ahead 415-608-9611.
For current clients ONLY.

Additional Fees

Discount: When siblings have LIKE schedule, a 10% discount is offered for the oldest sibling.
A 15% discount is offered for one child or the oldest child for families with Twins, or families with three or more siblings.

Materials fee:There is a Bi- Annual fee to help with the cost for Art supplies, Equipment, and Classroom materials. The fee is $45.00 for PT students (30 hours or less) and $85.00 for FT students (31 hours or more). To be collected at enrollment.

For infants this fee is for: washing of bedding, bibs, clothing , laundry soap, sanitary gloves, sanitary changing cloths, etc. This will be due in first day of enrollment and then again in six months.

Late fees: late fees will result from a late pick up. $1.00 per minute, will be charged to parent.

Payment Plan Options

Plan A
Monthly payment plan:
Parents can pay monthly sum in the form of check or cash.

Plan B - Only Drop-in clients are Plan B.
Weekly payment plan:
Parents can pay weekly sum in the form of check or cash.

Tuition Late fees:
Tuition is to be paid on time.
If payment is not paid on due date (Option choice A, B, listed above), parent will be billed a $25.00 late fee each day until payment is received.

*Any changes in Payment Plan Options must be made in writing to LMDC
and will change on the next rolling month.