Little Movements Fee Schedule

Fees will be adjusted every year in order to stay in line with insurance rates, cost of doing business in Marin, which includes retaining quality staff for our school.

Parents do not pay for vacation time or Holidays. The tuition is determined by number of days we are open and then divided into an 11-month year, then into a flat fee each month.

Current 2023 Full time students only

Full Day Program Monthly rate &  
8am to 6pm Lunch from Home  
5 days: $2850.00    


Beginning August 2024 Full time students only

Full Day Program Monthly rate &  
8am to 6pm Lunch from Home  
5 days: $3150.00    


Hourly Rate

7am-8am or 6pm-7pm $25.00 per hour


Drop-ins: WELCOME

If Day Care is not to capacity, please call ahead 415-608-9611.
For current clients ONLY.

Additional Fees

Discount: When siblings have the same schedule, there is a 5% discount for the eldest child enrolled, when two children are enrolled from the same family with the same schedule.

Materials fee: Materials fee: There is a Bi- Annual fee to help with the cost for Paper products, Art supplies, Equipment, and Classroom materials. The fee is $100.00 for Full Time students . To be collected at enrollment and then every 6 months.

For infants this fee is for: washing of bedding, bibs, clothing , laundry soap, sanitary gloves, sanitary changing cloths, etc. This will be due in first day of enrollment and then again in six months.

Late fees: late fees will result from a late pick up. $10.00 per minute, will be charged to parent.


Monthly payment plan:
Parents pay monthly tuition in the form of an Electronic payment, Zelle Pay or comparative to Zelle Pay. Venmo is not an accepted form of payment.

Tuition Late fees:
Tuition is to be paid on time.
If payment is not paid on due date the parent will be billed a $25.00 late fee each day until payment is received.

Term of Agreement

In the event that either party wishes to terminate their Agreement, that party must provide notice of said termination at least 60 days in advance.