Little Movements Curriculum

Cheerful Children

Little Movements Day Care & Toddler Program maintains a schedule, but is flexible to follow your child’s natural curiosity regarding the world and their immediate environment. Children learn through play and exploration. Our open designed shelf units are for the child to choose his/her own activities to develop independence.

We have built a day care full of wonderful engaging, stimulating activities, made just for your child’s age and development.


Language development:

Word play, picture recognition, rhyming, storytelling, puppet shows, circle time.


Beginning sounds of ABC and basic phonics using Animal Phonics concept.

Cognitive development:

Numbers 1-5 or 1-10 using picture cards, color recognition, sequencing, classification, stacking, relational concepts and two step directions.


Cooking with real ingredients, measuring and mixing, baking and then eating.

Family Life Area:

Activities such as dress up, pretend cooking, setting table, pretend food service, and caretaking of pretend babies.


Simple shapes (square, circle, triangle, oval and diamond).

Gross Motor Skills:

Balancing, throwing balls, climbing, jumping, play structure, parachute play and body awareness.

Fine Motor Skills:

Puzzles, legos, manipulatives, cutting, pasting, gluing, drawing, finger painting, pegs/ peg board, play dough and threading beads.

Music and Movement:

Dance and movement with scarves, shakers, bells, drums, maracas and rhythm sticks to music.


Our emphasis is on Natural Science; butterflies, frogs, worms, ladybugs and more. Also to include the exploration of color mixing, finger painting, water play, care of the environment, recycling, planting and gardening.

All these activities will enhance their intellectual and skill level, that they will need to be successful in Preschool.