Testimonials from our Families

Miss Ann, Miss Alyssa and the staff at LMDC make our whole world go round. Both of our girls started at 6 months old. With our first daughter, it was so reassuring to have Miss Ann's help creating a loving, secure, fun routine. When our second baby started a couple years later, we were thrilled to get back into that routine that we love and rely on so much. From the daily report cards to meal times and activities, Miss Ann, Miss Alyssa, and their team are pros at creating experiences for little ones and keeping parents in the loop. We've watched our girls blossom -- building confidence, experiencing new things every day, and forming relationships with a wonderful group of kids and grown-ups who love them. We're so grateful that we were able to provide this experience for them. We highly recommend LMDC to any family looking for loving, well-organized care for their little one.

  • The Coleman Family, February 2024

The program that Miss Ann runs is so much more than a daycare. Each morning, our son was so excited to go to school to see Miss Ann, Miss Alyssa and of course, his friends. He started when he was about one and recently graduated to preschool. He has been well prepared for preschool through the LMDC program- and the transition has been almost seamless and I know Miss Ann is responsible for that. The environment that she provides cultivated his social skills to easily join in group activities, follow instructions, share, take turns and make friends.

Additionally, Miss Ann’s experience and credentials are incredibly valuable— as first and now second time parents she has been so helpful in the transition to the older sibling role for our son as well as bringing developmental milestones to our attention and provided resources to follow up with us. LMDC is a safe, nurturing environment and I feel so blessed that we are part of the family. Miss Ann and her staff remain in our hearts and we cannot recommend her enough.

With love,

  • The Hoffman Family, January 2024

My youngest daughter started at LMDC when she was just 3 months old and there is no one I would have trusted more with her care. Miss Ann has created a safe and nurturing environment that gives each child the structure and predictability they need. I appreciated that she has a dedicated area for babies, and that her nap schedule works well for both babies with 2-3 naps and toddlers with one nap. My oldest also had a wonderful experience and both kids transitioned seamlessly to preschool after graduating from LMDC. We live in Mill Valley and it was worth the daily trip over the hill for 4 years!

We will always have a special place in our hearts for Miss Ann and LMDC.

  • The Wright Family, September 2023

We are forever grateful for Miss Ann and the LMDC staff! 
Our daughter started daycare when she was one year old, and from the very beginning, we knew this was the right place for her. Miss Ann's experience is priceless. She's always giving us tips to support our daughter's development.
LMDC has provided our Olympia with all the tools to become a curious, smart and loving little girl. We know she's ready to rock at preschool after 2 years thriving at LMDC. She can count, recognize colors and shapes, and cleans up after playing with her toys. Every night Olympia gives thanks for her teachers and her daycare friends. 
Our top priority when we were looking for daycare was to find a place where Olympia would feel loved, respected and challenged and LMDC definitely was and is that!

  • The Medina Family, October 2022

The greatest feeling as parents who both work full-time is knowing your children are in excellent care during the day - safe, nurtured, supported, and, most of all, loved. Miss Ann and the LMDC Teachers deliver just that and more. We are so thankful to have been part of the LMDC Community over the past two years. Our oldest child has thrived - learning not only letters, numbers, colors, and more, but all of the critical social-emotional skills needed to succeed in this early phase of his life. Miss Ann even went the extra mile and authored a personal, heartfelt recommendation letter to help us unlock the next step in our son's education journey (when he graduates from LMDC this Summer). Miss Ann takes care of your children as if they were her own. She is extremely communicative, helps you navigate the many transitions from baby to toddler to pre-schooler, and always has your children's best interests in mind. We love the routine schedule because it gives our children predictability, familiarity, and comfort. LMDC is a special place filled with lots of love, and we are thankful to have met many wonderful families who have become close friends.

  • The Eesley Family, July 2022

Little Movements has been a dream come true for my husband and I as first time parents. From the time my son started 2 years ago, I've been incredibly impressed with both the environment Miss Ann cultivates as well as the warmth and love she provides to our children. Both of my sons LOVE going to "school" every day and get so excited to spend the day with Miss Ann, her teachers and all of the students (his friends). Added bonus of LMDC is the community and bond all of the parents have formed. I can't say enough about LMDC. Miss Ann and her family have become part of ours. She's become my go-to for parenting advice and I'm lucky enough to call her a friend. I trust her whole-heartedly with my two boys. I look forward to staying involved in this unique circle for many years to come. Thank you Miss Ann and family for everything!

  • The Shouger Family, July 2022

Ann runs a truly remarkable program at LMDC. She isn’t merely keeping the kids safe, she’s running the program like a “pre” preschool - teaching the kids shapes and letters, reading books, singing songs, and teaching them valuable social skills like sharing, managing their emotions, and caring for one another. She runs a tight ship with a well thought out schedule (slightly different for the babies vs the toddlers to adapt to their nap schedules) that allows the children to anticipate what’s coming next throughout the day and to feel confident and comfortable in her care. Our son’s vocabulary, curiosity, and social skills have all blossomed under Ann’s care at LMDC.

Ann doesn’t just form a special relationship with your child, she forms a special relationship with the entire family - sending out emails to the school community when new babies are born, coaching you through difficult parenting stages and milestones, and even writing heartfelt letters of recommendation for preschools.

I’m so grateful for the community of parents that Ann has introduced us to and for the beautiful friendships our son Liam has made during our two years at LMDC. Liam will be heading on to preschool next year and we’ll be staring our youngest son with Ann in the fall.

  • The Newman Family, July 2022

Miss Ann and the staff at LMDC make our whole world go round. Our daughter attended from age 6 months to 2.5, and she looked forward to drop off at "school" every single day. As first time parents, it was so reassuring to have Miss Ann's help creating a loving, secure, fun routine for our daughter. From the daily report cards to meal times to activities, Miss Ann is a pro at creating experiences for little ones and keeping parents in the loop. We've watched our daughter blossom -- building confidence, experiencing new things every day, and forming relationships with a wonderful group of kids and grown-ups who love her. We're so grateful that we were able to provide this experience for her. We know it will help her continue to thrive in pre-school and beyond. We highly recommend LMDC to any family looking for loving, well-organized care for their little one.

  • The Coleman Family, July 2022

We are so grateful for our time at Little Movements Day Care. Our son Lucca entered at 7 months of age and instantly fell in love with the teachers, organization, structure, and peers. Right away we were thrilled with how Miss Ann structures her program, and even more amazed at how organized everything seemed to be. There really is a familial sense to the whole group, which we just really appreciated. Our son truly thrived at LMDC as he went through the program, graduating from the infant report cards to the toddler report cards and more importantly the "big kid table". He grew to absolutely LOVE all of his teachers but especially Miss Ann who he constantly referred to as his "best friend". His language flourished, had plenty of opportunity to practice his gross motor skills, and gained real life knowledge through circle time activities that has helped him understand our world.
LMDC has really prepared our child for the next steps in his development and we believe that any parents would be fortunate to get into a day care as organized and loving as LMDC.

  • The Gatti Family, June 2022

Miss Ann and the staff at Little Movements are such a rock for our family. Our daughter thrives at this daycare. The daily "report cards" are amazing, comforting, and keep us in the loop of what she did that day. We couldn't ask for more in a daycare. We know it takes a village to raise a child and Miss Ann certainly provides structure, love, and the invaluable "it" to help raise our daughter while providing us the comfort in knowing our young one is in a good place. Thank you Miss Ann & Little Movements.

  • The Ferchland Family, December 2021

There’s truly no place like LMDC. It has become a second home for my girls. Miss Ann and her staff have created a warm, loving, magical environment. I love that the daily routine gives the kids the structure and consistency they need. Nothing gets past Miss Ann. She pays close attention to each child and knows exactly how to foster their growth and confidence. Her advice and coaching were so helpful to me as a first time parent. My eldest recently started preschool and it was obvious the skills she learned at LMDC prepared her and made the transition seamless. When my youngest daughter started at 3 months old, it gave me so much peace of mind to know that she was getting the best care. Plus she started sleeping through the night after the first day! Not only have both my girls thrived under her care, but they’ve developed a special bond with Miss Ann and LMDC that they’ll never forget.

  • The Wright Family, September 2021

We can’t say enough good things about our family’s experience with LMDC. Miss Ann and her staff are wonderful and passionate about creating an enriching, fun, safe environment for all. Both my daughters have thrived, meeting or exceeding their developmental stages with the help of LMDC.
Ann’s program is a great mix of education, play, and outdoor fun. She always communicates effectively, and I have always felt that she genuinely loves each kid as if they were her own. I highly recommend her program!

  • The Groenke Family, October 2020

We cannot thank Miss Ann enough for all she has done for our two boys. Both of our boys have attended Little Movements and have had the very best experience! The love and care they received from Miss Ann and her staff exceeded all our expectations. Miss Ann creates an environment that is safe, healthy, and loving. My boys loved going to school each day because LMDC felt like an extension of their home. In addition, Miss Ann provided both boys with the tools they needed to easily transition to Pre-school. Although both of our boys have "graduated" from LMDC, we will forever be grateful for the love and care they were given. LMDC will forever be a special place for our family and we couldn't be more thankful.
Thank you for all the joy and love you have given our boys, Miss Ann, we are forever grateful!

  • The Drakulich Family, August 2020

Little Movements feels like a second home and Miss Ann feels like extended family. Living on the other side of the country from grandparents, Miss Ann and her loving staff easily filled that space for us. During the holiday break, surrounded by new toys and cinnamon rolls, my 2 year old son asked if he could go see Miss Ann and the wonderful members of her team. I was immediately filled with gratitude as his joyful request reinforced all I believe to be true about this special place. He thrives in the daily routine of play, instruction, and guidance. He gobbles up all her delicious food, naps like a champ in her soothing nap room, and arrives and leaves with a smile on his face. Moreover, he feels loved, cared for and nurtured in my absence and for that I am forever grateful.

  • Thayne Cockrum, January 2020

My son started at LMDC at 3 and a half months old. I was nervous about everything but Miss Ann helped us get into a routine in terms of lunch and nap and drop off and was always available to give advice on what we could do to help him eat and sleep better. But most of all, John was loved at LMDC. He got lots of hugs and made friends and knew he belonged and I never had to worry about him. He also learnt so much. Miss Ann said he would know how to count to 20 by the time he graduated and she was right. He was in a stimulating and caring environment and Miss Ann is very organized and a great communicator, so I still felt involved in what he was doing each day even though I couldn't be there to witness it all. I don't know how we would have survived the first year without LMDC - thank you.

  • The Da Silva Family, December 2019

We toured a number of other day cares, but we knew we had found the perfect place for our baby Jackson the moment we stepped into Miss Ann’s home school, LMDC. I can't say enough good things about Miss Ann and LMDC. My son Jackson started at 6 months old, and continued through to preschool age of 3, then his younger brother Hudson went to LMDC too. It is really hard to trust someone with the care of your baby but Miss Ann even exceeded our initial expectations. Her communication, attention to detail and care is unparalleled. In addition to getting daily written reports, her thoughtfulness to remind me when his extra clothes bag needed filling, or if he wasn't eating certain things helped so much. As he got older, we were so impressed by what he was learning. He knew numbers up to 20, his abc’s, and a best of all gained a love of learning: from butterflies to colors, he went to preschool excited to learn more and with an absolutely impressive vocabulary. She came to me with ideas and solutions when I needed them. I always felt respected and that my kids were too. Years later Jackson still talks about Miss Ann and the friends he made there.

  • The Cook Family, March 2019

I can't say enough wonderful things about Little Movements. We moved cross-country from Boston to Sausalito when I was pregnant with our son (which was a little stressful considering we didn't know anyone on the west coast & our family was thousands of miles away). I was concerned about going back to work and who would watch my precious baby boy. Luckily we were able to get Aedan into LMDC and it was such a great decision! He started when he was 5 months old...Miss Ann and all of the teachers cared for and loved our son as if he were their own. The structured schedule and learning environment helped him to develop & thrive, and he was always ahead of projected milestones for his age group. Knowing that I was dropping him off in a safe, clean, fun & loving environment helped to put me at ease and actually enjoy my work again. As a first time mom, I often discussed general infant/toddler questions I had with Miss Ann and valued her experience & expertise that she would share. When we decided to relocate back to the east coast last month, one of the hardest parts was saying goodbye to LMDC, Miss Ann & all of Aedan's friends that were like his second family. We are incredibly grateful for the past 2.5years at Little Movements and would highly recommend to anyone searching for a loving place to care for your child.

  • The Alves Family, January 2019

There is nothing more important than leaving your little one with someone you trust. Miss Ann and Little Movements created a safe, loving (and clean!) environment where I knew my son was not only being cared for, he was learning and having FUN. We are forever grateful for Miss Ann and her team and all their love, support and guidance!

  • The Dimartini-Perko Family, 2018

I canít say enough good things about Little Movements Daycare and Miss Ann Ė my sonís daytime momma. Cal started with Miss Ann at 4 months. He loves her and I love her. We are so sad that graduation is imminent for Pre-school. He has learned everything there from socialization, to his numbers & letters, along with excellent manners. The entire program is amazing from cooking with real food to science with real butterflies! I get asked daily to do things they do at Miss Annís like a nature walk or music. The daily report cards are so helpful but if I had any questions or concerns, Miss Ann was always immediately responsive. I never had to worry about Cal when he was there as it felt like he was with family. We love Little Movements and the entire Salvetti Family Ė Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

  • The Ramos Family, April 2017

We have been nothing but thrilled with Miss Ann and her program at Little Movements. Our daughter has been enrolled at LMDC since she was 4 months old and will sadly graduate this summer to start pre-school. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Miss Ann and her program at Little Movements Daycare. As a first time mom, I had convinced myself that I had to have a nanny, and when said nanny bailed on us a week before my maternity leave ended, we scrambled to find a spot for our infant daughter. By pure luck, Ann happened to have a rare opening and I have been thanking my lucky stars ever since. Ann consistently communicates with all the parents, whether it’s a text of a fun picture mid-day or the end of day “report card” that summarizes everything from number of diaper changes, to what they ate, to funny anecdotes. As our daughter as grown, I attribute so much of her development to Ann’s program. They read, cook, do science lessons, take nature walks, play outside, dance and sing, it’s a wonderfully fun and interactive environment balancing structure and play. We have felt that Ann’s home is an extension of our own from the beginning. She and her staff form wonderful bonds with children and have a true passionate for helping them meet developmental milestones while also letting them just be kids! We really can’t say thank you enough to Ann and everything she has done for our family. As we embark on the next phase of pre-school, we have LMDC to thank for an insanely chatty, energetic, kind toddler who thinks everyone is her best friend.

  • The Groenke Family, April 2017

Little Movements came highly recommended to us from a couple personal friends. That said, I was a total basket case in the beginning. I spent the first year home with my son, so I had some serious separation anxiety. Being a teacher, I tried to play it cool, but Miss Ann saw right through it and was very reassuring. She is readily available for any questions or concerns and she is wonderful about sharing her own parenting experiences with her kids. That's one of the things that really stands out to me about LMDC, it's very personal. I feel that Miss Ann and the other teachers really know my son Leo and love him. They know what he likes and go out of their way to make him happy. Miss Ann has even sent home jars of her homemade meat sauce because Leo loves it so much! The teachers are patient, loving, and actively involved with the kids. I like the fact that when I walk in the door, they are playing with the kids, not just supervising. The teachers also have a good sense of humor...always a plus when dealing with toddlers and parents!

Miss Ann takes her curriculum very seriously. You get daily reports that explain what your child did during the day and what the current curriculum is. As a teacher, I love the fact that Leo is getting age appropriate exposure to classroom behaviors (sitting in a circle, listening to friends, following directions, etc.) They are currently learning about butterflies, and Leo now is thrilled whenever we see a butterfly or read a book with a butterfly in it. He is clearly learning new things and that is so exciting for him (and his parents!) I also really like the socialization aspect of LMDC. They eat together at the table and really operate like a family. I have seen Leo take off in the area of sharing and taking turns, and seeing that he's an only child, I credit his daycare experience with that.

Another thing I love is the fun and excitement that Miss Ann and her teachers put into the holidays. Whether it is Christmas, Valentine's Day, Halloween, or a child's birthday, they go all out. They really make the kids feel special.

Little Movements Daycare is the best. My husband and I feel so lucky to have found Miss Ann and her warm LMDC family.

  • The Abby-Hammarskjold Family, April 2017

We couldn't be happier about our experience with Miss Ann and all her helpers at LMDC! Miss Ann was an invaluable resource to our family as we navigated each stage of our son's development. Her communication with parents is exceptional. She was always available and responsive if we had a question, and she's a wealth of knowledge about ways to reinforce positive behavior from the kids. And our son loved it too! Miss Ann clearly loves each of the kids at LMDC--and they love her right back! I will always be thankful for the time our son spent there, and we highly recommend LMDC to anyone looking for a safe and happy place for their little ones. Evan says to me when we are in the car: "Turn left! I go Miss Ann's house!" every time we drive by your street.

  • The Subido Family, August 2016

A year ago, my wife and I moved back to the United States with our two young children after living overseas for several years. We both worked full time and it meant putting our 2-year old and 2-month old into day care for the first time with someone we did not know. And that’s when we found LMDC with Miss Ann – a thoughtful, loving, caring individual who gives our children hugs and tells them “I love you.” On our application, we were asked what we wanted to get out of LMDC. We responded that we “wish for our kids to have an opportunity to build their oral language skills and to learn to love, respect and care for others.”

This is exactly what we found at LMDC. It is a special home/school where our kids could learn to socialize and care for others in a loving environment. Miss Ann watched over our kids, cared for them and loved them as if they were her own. She also taught them things we never imagined – our son could count to 20 before he was three; he is courteous, loves to help Mom and Dad and stands there in awe when other kids his age don’t want to share or take turns. LMDC has also taught us to be better parents – to practice turn taking, to be conscious of working too hard, and that "no appetite" at breakfast might mean the onset of an illness.

For all of these lessons and more,
we thank Miss Ann and her team
for their support, kindness and
friendship over the last year.

  • The Bacha Family, July 2016

Both my daughters attended Little Movements from the time they were infants until preschool. Miss Ann is the absolute best! I can't say enough about all of her fabulous qualities. It's clear she and each of the teachers care deeply about our daughters' physical, emotional and social development, as well as their health, safety, and nutrition. Both my girls learned so much while they were there, and they both LOVE Miss Ann. I feel so blessed we were able to have Little Movements in our lives and for our girls at such an important age. I trust Miss Ann, and my daughters and I, love her!

I asked my daughter Natalie what do you think of Miss Ann and she said "I wish I could still be a baby and go to Miss Ann's!" From the mouth of babes.

  • The Hegarty Family, Corte Madera, CA, December 2015

Words can only touch on how much we appreciate Miss Ann and all the teachers at Little Movements Daycare. We started our son at age four months and he just graduated at age three! Ann provided a fun, safe environment with a balance of routine and structure. Every day we received a report on the days events and personal notes on everything our son did. Her three wonderful children also took part in helping out which made it feel more like an extended family. We would recomend Little Movements to anyone and will allways keep a special place in our heart for the Salvetti family.

  • The Sarno Family, August 2015

We started our son at Miss Ann's when he was two. In looking for daycares the biggest priority for us has been getting a sense that our son would feel loved, cherished, and safe in his environment. As soon as I met Ann, I knew she was a special woman and that we had found the right place. We made a great decision and Ann has made such a difference in our son's and our family's life.

She knows so much about kids and has been very insightful about our son, what he is learning, where he is challenged, and how we can help him and teach him. He has grown tremendously over the past year in many ways, and I attribute a lot of this to Ann and her team. She has loved him, taught him so much, and given him a great experience in her home. Everything about Ann's is well thought out, from the environment, how things are set up, the toys, the outdoor space, the daily routines, the walks, everything. I have been grateful for her daily reports about his activities; they have been so helpful and really give me a sense of what he is spending his time doing, what activities they did together, and overall how his day went.

Our son is so happy when we pick him up, he talks about Miss Ann and all of his friends there, and he has truly flourished in her care. I cannot say enough about how much respect I have for the work Miss Ann does and how well she does it; we are so fortunate to have found her and will always remember what a special place Little Movements is.

  • The Brynelson Family, August 2015

Both of our girls, ages 3 ½ and 2 years old have been full time at Little Movements Daycare with Miss Ann since they were 5 months old.
Miss Ann offers a fun, comfortable, yet structured learning environment tailored to each child’s age and developmental needs. One of our favorite aspects of Little Movements Day Care is that our children’s activities are documented daily, so that we know exactly how their day went, what they ate or did not eat, what songs they learned, books they read, and friends they played with, etc. Not only are these worksheets informative, but they are capturing their growth in speech, in mobility and in play. We have saved all of their daily worksheets, a timeline of events in their lives, and created keepsake books for each of our girls.
Both children adore Miss Ann and the teachers and have made such great little friends too. We could not have found a better home away from home!
We will be sad to say goodbye to Little Movements Day Care. But it is time for our oldest daughter to transition into Preschool and graduate from Little Movements.

  • The Burns Family, July 2015

We cannot thank Miss Ann enough for all she has done for our son and our family. Our son has been with Miss Ann at Little Movements since he was 4 months old and has received love and care that has far exceeded our expectations. From the first day, Miss Ann created an environment that made our son feel safe, loved, and at home. As he became older she incorporated tools to prep him for “big boy school” to ensure he was ready and could easily assimilate when the time was right. Our son is the loving, thoughtful and happy boy he is because of Miss Ann and her staff, and we couldn’t be more thankful.
Thank you for all the joy and love you have given him, Miss Ann, we are forever grateful!

  • The Drakulich Family, June 2015

Little Movements was the perfect day care for our two-year old daughter who needed a warm, nurturing environment to encourage self-confidence and independence. The home-based environment, sitting-at-the-kitchen-table meals, daily routine, naps in real cribs and backyard play area checked every box on my wish list. My daughter walked in her first day feeling right at home and never wanted to leave when I picked her up. Ann and her sweet staff are very in tune to each child’s individual needs, which is evident in the day’s summary sheet. It allowed me to feel connected to my child, as if I hadn’t missed a minute of her day. Ann is extremely helpful with advice and loaning books on things like sleep training, potty training and giving up binkies. Moreover, the expanse of numbers, letters, phonics, table manners and more my daughter knows underscores that along with a day full of fun, she is also learning valuable skills. Little Movements was an enriching experience we will cherish.

  • The Harris Family, January 2014

We could not have been happier with the care that our son Raf received at Little Movements. He was always thrilled to be going there, and it was hard to get him to leave at the end of the day! Ann creates a warm, loving and homelike environment for the children while providing a stimulating and structured day. The report sheets meticulously filled in and sent home helped us feel connected to Raf's day, and it was great to be able to talk to him about his experiences. Ann's competence and affection for the children shone through in the way Raf flourished during his time at Little Movements. We feel very lucky to have found Ann and Little Movements, and it was wonderful to have been part of the Little Movements family. We were very sad when we had to leave to move to another country, England and would highly recommend Little Movements as a place where your child will receive beyond excellent care.

  • Anglea & Derek Beebe, San Rafael, CA, June 2013

Ann and her teachers are absolutely AMAZING! Ann is such a caring, loving, patient, kind, fun and positive person. She always greets us with a smile and good morning. At first Lucy had a hard transition since she was used to being at home with a nanny, however she very quickly adapted with the gentle guidance from Ann and now she doesn't want to leave when I pick her up! Ann provides a very impressive curriculum. The children have specific learning activities that are fun and even the occasional cooking lesson. It really is a home-away-from-home environment. Ann and her teachers would fill out a daily activity sheet so I could discuss Lucy's day with her. It also included what Lucy ate for the day, (Ann makes delicious, & nutritious home cooked lunches and snacks) She also potty trained Lucy and taught me about using sticker charts as a reward. I feel like I learned as much as Lucy did! When Lucy had to leave LMDC to go on to Pre School Ann held a Graduation party which included gifts for Lucy including one of her favorite toys from the daycare and a photo album. It was so thoughtful and personal. We really feel like we are part of the LMDC family.

I joked everyday that I wish Lucy could stay there forever, because it is just so wonderful! Everyone at LMDC will always have a place in our hearts.
I put all my trust in Ann and I recommend her and LMDC 110%!

  • Tessa L., July 2012

Ann is simply the best! She does a fantastic job looking after our 1 year old daughter and we have the utmost trust in her. We can't say enough about all of Ann's fabulous qualities, she loves what she does and it shows. Our daughter loves her right back and is blossoming under her expert care. It's clear she cares deeply about our daughter's physical, mental and social development as well as her safety, nutrition and health. Ann always makes sure to take the time to communicate with us on those different aspects of our daughter's well-being - no detail is ever too small - and we truly value her guidance and input. Ann has been caring for our daughter since she was 3 months old and we are so thankful to have found a safe, clean, fun and nurturing environment for her. We trust Ann 110% - she is so special to us!

  • Tracy and Brian H., Corte Madera, CA, January 2012

We were very lucky to find the Little Movements Day Care. Our daughters day care closed and we were searching for a new place. We found the best place in the world. Ann and the other teachers are so engaging. They are wonderful teachers. Our daughter had a strong case of separation anxiety. Ann worked with her and even gave us guidance on how to help her at home as well. Now our daughter jumps our of our arms when she gets to the day care to play with her friends and gives Ann a hug.

It's so comforting when you are at work, knowing that your child is loving environment. Also, Ann is one of the cleanest and most organized person I've ever met, I don't know how she does it.

  • The Kruse Family, Mill Valley, CA, January 2012

My wife and I would not hesitate to give our highest recommendation to any prospective Little Movements parents. It would be impossible for us to explain why in a single paragraph but hopefully a few examples will help shed some light. First, unlike at his last daycare where our son Max would immediately come crawling to us when we picked him up, at Little Movements he usually just smiles when he first sees us and then proceeds to keep playing. Second, Ann religiously provides daily written and verbal summaries of his day, including about his diaper changes, naps, eating, playing and learning lessons. And third, speaking of learning, she clearly does take his intellectual development seriously, as evidenced (for example) by his ability at 18 months to tell us what letter comes next in the alphabet when we pause on a random letter in the ABC song -- without any previous training by us. In sum, it is obvious that caregiving and teaching are Ann's passion and that she treats her daycare kids as if they were her own.

  • Paul and Summer T., September 2011

For the last 2 years my three year old son has attended Little Movements Day Care. From the moment he walked in he felt right at home. Ann provides a very loving and safe environment. As a Mom of 3 children, she knows exactly how to meet the children's needs. She provides wonderful and fun learning activities along with walks to the park or other outdoor adventures. He was well fed and I especially appreciate the journal she keeps to show what he ate and did throughout the day. When I picked him up he was very happy and enthusiastic about his day. I feel very fortunate to be able to send him to such a special place.

  • The Schnitzer Family, Mill Valley, CA, August 2010

My children walked in to Little Movements the first day and it was like they were returning to a comfortable second family. Ann is passionate, insightful and clearly knows what keeps kids interested and makes them tick. My favorite part of the program is the day's recap cheat sheet. No longer was I met with "I dunno" when I asked my 3 and 5 year old what they did during the day. I was empowered with questions like "How did you like potting sunflowers?" and "Wow, I've never made lemonade - how do you do it?" As a working mom who feels like she misses out on a lot of those little things, recapping the events with the children just felt wonderful!

  • The Buck Family, Corte Madera, CA, August 2010

My daughter went from clinging to my leg wherever we went, to barely waiting for the car to stop, once we started going to Little Movements Day Care. The minute she sees Ann she starts screaming "Stop ...we are here, I need to get out." Ann nurtures curiosity, imagination and friendships through all the creative activities provide daily and we love hearing the stories and seeing the incredible art projects. Little Movements Day Care is a safe, clean, and playful environment that enriches a child's life.

  • The Wilson Family, Corte Madera, CA,August 2010

I am thrilled to have met Ann, and Little Movements Day Care. I feel completely confident that my daughter is being taken care of in the way I want her to be; she’s heard, she’s seen, she’s nurtured, she’s safe, and she has a blast everyday with Ann! I love the way Ann tunes into each child’s needs instinctively. My daughter comes home each day with art projects, crafts she’s made, and some age-appropriate class lessons. I wish we had met Little Movements Day Care sooner.

  • The DeRango Family, August 2010

We cannot say enough about Ann LaShelle-Salvetti and Little Movements Day Care. Both our children attended this summer and absolutely loved it. Ann provides a warm, loving, safe environment where the children can learn, explore, experiment and enjoy all sort of activities physical, intellectual and emotional. She relates to the children in a very special way and our children have really thrived!

  • The Jacobs Family, Mill Valley, CA, August 2009

I highly recommend Ann LaShelle-Salvetti and Little Movements Day Care. Most importantly, my kids love Ann – she is warm, engaging and sweet with the kids. Ann also knows so much about kids development and teaches in a fun, interactive and positive way. She’s creative and energetic and has tons of love to share!

  • The Melchionda Family, Mill Valley, CA, August 2009

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The Marin Child Care Council featured photos of Litlle Movements Day Care and Toddler Program in their guide of High Quality Child Care. We are on pages 7 and 33. See the nice letter they sent!