Little Movements Day Care Safety Features

LMDC has been Fire Marshall approved and cleared.

LMDC has State of the art Lorex Monitoring System
*Wireless Video Monitoring System of outdoor areas
*Monitoring and recording
*Dual Motion detection system
*Digital Zoom
*2-way talk

LMDC has Carbon Monoxide monitors and fire alarms on every floor that are connected to an alarm system and the ADT company.

LMDC has a fire escape from the second floor, which is not mandated by the state, but our choice for extra safety.

LMDC also has a 3 day supply of food, water, formula and diapers for emergency disasters.

LMDC stocks in the emergency container a Duracell Emergency Radio System for disasters.

LMDC also has a generator that turns on within 15 seconds of power going out and can run the entire home for a week. We feel is really important as winter approaches and the winter storms hit our town.

Although, we all know and love our own pets, not everyone knows your pet. Some families may not have any pets of their own. Many children, especially at this age 0 to 3, are fearful of pets, especially when they are not their own. Therefore, in order to secure the safety of the children and the Parents at LMDC, we will have a "No Dog Policy" on the Salvetti/ LMDC property.