Little Movements Day Care Menu

Lunch is cooking!Menu is a priority at Little Movements Day Care. We are so excited to offer the freshest ingredients, locally produced and grown. We use fresh and organic produce and delicious ingredients for our entree. Little Movements daily menu is two healthy snacks a day
and a 3 course lunch (entrée, vegetable and fresh fruit).

These little ones are always on the go, fresh, healthy snacks that are readily available (nibble tray) throughout the day encourages toddlers to eat well and develop healthy food habits.

All lunches and snacks are included in the day care fee, under “Meal Plan Included” fee. If you prefer to bring your own lunch for your child, you would choose “Lunch from Home” fee.

*Daily milk bottles are to be provided by parents, pre-filled and also mixed, if using powder formula.

Just a taste of our entrée menu:

Cheese tortellini, chicken tenders, chicken pesto pasta, peanut butter and jelly, spaghetti and meat sauce, mini-turkey patties, fresh egg salad, organic noodles and parmesan, all natural macaroni and cheese.

Vegetables and Fruit will be seasonal, but always picked with care.


We serve 2 healthy snacks a day: An assortment of fresh fruit and/or applesauce, yogurt or cheese and goldfish crackers & crackers and juice.

Milk is to be provided by parents by the half gallon, only. Please, no gallon jugs of milk.

All foods are chosen with care and we focus on healthy & organic products.


Breakfast is not part of our program, but can be arranged by request.

Wheat toast, oatmeal, scrambled eggs, and fresh fruit will all be choices for Breakfast

*If at any time you have questions regarding the LMDC Menu, please feel free to ask us.